Iota Line 

Crossed on December 13th, 2013

Intake Director: Nikki Khanna

Rush Director: Dhanya Varghese


Anjli Patel

Iota Iota Alpha Gamma

Big Sister: April Joseph
Little Sister: Carisma Cherukuri
Major: Kinesiology

Fun Fact: I love listening to music covers, and enjoy getting my nails done!

Kanchi Patel

Iota Iota Beta Gamma

Big Sister: Poonam Bhavsar
Little Sister: Vishva Patel
Major: Kinesiology

Fun Fact: I'm an occupational therapist, and I used to have a fish named Radha!

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 2.00.01 PM.png

Sathi Das

Iota Iota Gamma Gamma

Big Sister: Prattasha Paul
Little Sister: Maisha Dihan
Major: Kinesiology

Fun Fact: I love anything with peanut butter and I have a fitness instagram! 

Jue Patel

Iota Iota Delta Gamma

Big Sister: Vindhya Thomas
Little Sister: Tarangi Patel
Major: Biology with Teaching

Fun Fact: I enjoy cooking and recently moved back to the northeast from VA!

Jue Patel.JPG