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Charter Line 

Crossed on February 24th, 2007

Intake Director: Amrita Bajwa

Rush Director: Sophia Kumbanattel

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Nino George Koshy

Iota Alpha Alpha Gamma

Big Sister: Deepti Bajwa

Little Sisters: Karen Khan & Annmary Itten

Major: Accounting

Fun Fact: I love to travel, cook and eat out!

Jettie Jose

Iota Alpha Beta Gamma

Big Sister: Sinu Varughese

Little Sister(s): Yesha Patel & Jaimie Cherian

Major: Public Health and Nursing

Fun Fact: I enjoy singing and I love to go shopping!

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Roshni Chettiar.png

Roshni Naralakattu Chettiar

Big Sister: Jenny Pathayil

Little Sister(s): Boncy George & Anita Pothen

Major: Nursing

Fun Fact: I like to watch football and love animals, especially dogs! I also love to sing and go shopping!

Iota Alpha Gamma Gamma

Nancy John

Iota Alpha Delta Gamma

Big Sister: Ayesha Kazim

Little Sister: Jessica George

Major: Finance and Risk Management

Fun Fact: I enjoy reading in my free time, and I love exercising!

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Katherine Panchal.png

Katherine Panchal

Iota Alpha Epsilon Gamma

Big Sister:  Shama Patel

Little Sister(s):  Melissa Alam & Debbie Lukose

Major: Speech, Language, and Hearing Science

Fun Fact: I enjoy reading and art!