Beta Line 

Crossed on December 6th, 2007 

Intake Director:Nino George Koshy

Rush Director: Nancy John

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Karthy Bhatt

Iota Beta Alpha Gamma

Big Sister: Silpa Sankarankutty

Little Sister: Niluckshi Pitigala

Major: Biology

Fun Fact: I love to dance and I love dark chocolate!

Komal Thottukadavil

Iota Beta Beta Gamma

Big Sister: Maya Nair

Major: Therapeutic Recreation 

Fun Fact: I love to plan parties and events!

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Boncy Mathai

Iota Beta Gamma Gamma

Big Sister: Roshni Naralakattu Chettiar

Major: Biology

Fun Fact: I like to work out in my spare time, and love to hang out with friends!

Sunitha Kumar

Iota Beta Delta Gamma

Big Sister: Sunita Patel

Little Sister: Anisha Bhagat

Major: Psychology 

Fun Fact: I love to do Zumba and  love eating gummy bears!

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Leena John

Iota Beta Epsilon Gamma

Big Sister: Nazeen Shaikh
Little Sister: Afshan Hassan
Major: Nursing  

Fun Fact: I like to play outdoor sports in my free time and I'm a huge fan of the Philadelphia Eagles!

Melissa Alam

Iota Beta Zeta Gamma

Big Sister: Katherine Panchal
Little Sisters: Mary George and Janani Meenakshi
Major: Marketing and International Business 

Fun Fact: I enjoy eating Thai food and I founded and currently run The Hive!

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Yesha Patel

Iota Beta Eta Gamma

Big Sister: Jettie Jose
Little Sister: Pallavi Gupta
Major: Finance and International Business 

Fun Fact: I love doing yoga and reading in my spare time!