Gamma Line 

Crossed on January 19th, 2009

Intake Director: Jettie John

Rush Director: Roshni Naralakattu

Niluckshi Pitigala

Iota Gamma Alpha Gamma

Big Sister: Karthy Bhatt
Little Sister: Ashvi Chaudhary
Major: Psychology

Fun Fact: I like to work out in and watch movies in my free time!

Pallavi Gupta

Iota Gamma Beta Gamma

Big Sister: Yesha Patel
Little Sister: Khadija Qurbanzada
Major: Psychology

Fun Fact: I love to sketch, and sI enjoy playing volleyball!

Jaimie Cherian

Iota Gamma Gamma Gamma

Big Sister: Jettie Jose
Little Sister: Sonal Parikh
Major: Kinesiology

Fun Fact: I enjoys binge watching TV shows and going scuba diving!

Mary George

Iota Gamma Delta Gamma

Big Sister: Melissa Alam
Little Sister: Amulya Murthy
Major: Kinesiology

Fun Fact: I love to drink iced coffee and i'm into kickboxing!